In the true spirit of independence, I have opened my own store on Etsy! Over the coming weeks I will be adding limited editions of my poetry, music, art and other creations and I invite you to go over and have a browse. This is your first stop for my work and, as always, if you have questions or you’re looking for something special send a message. Enjoy the store!


As I am currently playing shows in the United States, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving and a big thank-you for the support I’m receiving stateside! Hope everyone has a great day and stay tuned for show and new album info in 2020!


I have just finished recording my second album, Migration and intend to release that in 2020. With that in mind, I’ve decided to re-release Wilderness in October 2019 to build on the great year I’ve already had. Building a profile as a small, independent artist is a slow process and the re-release coincides with a small, intimate tour that I have been organising. I always intended to release singles from Wilderness but was not in the position to do that through the earlier part of the year. So, I will be releasing Wilderness and the first single, Embers, on October 4th 2019, followed by two further singles to support the re-release. Those who have already bought the album will be able to download the re-release for free and I will also be releasing a limited-run of vinyl which will be available from my website, Bandcamp and on the tour.


Samuel Escher’s debut album Wilderness is in the running for Scottish Album of the Year 2019.

The album, released January 11th 2019, joins the eligibility list with the entries closing on the 31st May. The award longlist will be announced in July and the shortlist a month later.

Follow Samuel’s progress, and check out the other fantastic artist’s in the prize, by clicking the SAY Awards logo.


I am pleased to announce I will be doing an acoustic tour throughout the UK in Autumn. Going to be playing 15 dates and announcing these shortly. Very excited to finally take Wilderness out on the road!



Your support on Spotify makes a big difference to my music and every stream counts. Share it with friends etc. Support unsigned, independent music and enjoy my debut album.


Samuel Escher is Artist of the Week on Musicoin.

Check out my debut album Wilderness streaming on Musicoin. Blockchain is the future of digital independent music; giving more autonomy to artists, as well as a direct relationship between artist and listeners, cutting the ties of big business. Enjoy the great bands on Musicoin and don’t hesitate to get in contact to find out more.


 The debut album Wilderness is out now!

For streaming and digital download go to Bandcamp at the link below.

All sales will contribute directly to putting out a limited-run vinyl in the summer – check back for updates! I hope you enjoy the record and the first record in the three album series. Don’t hesitate to get in contact and I hope to see you at a show soon!


Wilderness pre-order is open. Follow the album link on the left to Bandcamp and get your copy now. I will be playing the album throughout 2018 on a solo tour and I will have limited edition vinyls for sale. Watch this space for news on the first single Embers – video will be available from New Years!


Wilderness is finished! Artwork is done and the record is currently being mastered. The record will be out January 11th with the first single, Embers out at the same time. There will be six singles from the record and it will be available through all good streaming sites, MP3 download on Bandcamp and in physical formats (Vinyl/CD).

I will be playing Wilderness live throughout 2019; my first 10 shows are in the tour calendar. Check them out and come on down! It’ll be a good night as usual.

Next up – filming the video for Embers. More information soon!