Wilderness is the debut album from Samuel Escher.

His debut album Wilderness is the first of a three album series exploring life and death. Wilderness charts a 3-day journey into the unknown, in a desperate search for salvation and identity. Blending the melodic simplicity of the acoustic guitar with haunting vocals, stacked ambience and a cacophony of drums, Wilderness deftly navigates feelings of isolation, of survival and endurance.

Single tracks like Throne and Sink convey isolation, accompanied by the acoustic guitar and aching cello, looking for direction. Yet, never far away, the thread of graceful aura and rhythm. Other tracks like Mountain build steadily to a raucous collection of delays and a single, pounding beat signaling a path, purpose and strength. In a live setting, Escher delivers his music in similar style; alone, raw and ethereal.

Samuel Escher is a Poet and Songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland. Escher is a newcomer to the industry, open to experimentation and forging his own, independent path. The debut album charts the beginning of this new adventure, in a cycle of life and art.

The debut album, Wilderness is out now!